Derek Vos

Lord of House Vos


2 Agility
2 Animal handling- Ride (1b)
2 Athletics
5 Awareness- Notice (1b)
6 cunning- Logic (1b), Memory (1b)
6 Deception- Bluff (3b)
2 Endurance
3 Fighting
1 Healing
4 Language
4 Knowledge
2 Marksmanship
4 Persuasion- Convince (2b), Bargain (1b), Taunt (1b)
4 Status
2 Stealth
2 Survival
1 Thievery
3 Warfare
4 Will


Derek Vos is the eldest of 4 children, and Lord of House Vos. He has a reputation as a cunning lord, and dedicated family man. He has dedicated his life to furthering his houses prestige.

He is a slender man with House Vos’ trademark silvered hair, kept long and tied in a tail behind his back. He keeps a neatly trimmed mustache and is a meticulous groomer. He has a long scar down his left cheek, given to him by Randyll Tarly. His eyes are blue, and he wears a silver circlet meant to accentuate them. He is fond of displaying the colors of his house prominently on his clothing and armor. He has nothing but disdain for the color red.

Early Life
Derek was the First born son of Lord Willem Vos, and Lady Lylah Vos. He grew up not knowing his natural born mother, as she was taken by a pox before his first naming day. Willem, not wanting another wife to take the place of his mother, sent him to Foster under Lord Harold Tarly of House Tarly. He and Randyll Tarly spent their formative years side by side, being of similar ages. The two spent their early years as brothers, each with different strengths to compliment the other. Randyll always besting Derek in swordsmanship, Archery, and warfare. However Derek was a better student, and had a head for politics that Randyll never mastered. Their friendship would not last, however. Randyll’s propensity for drawing his sword first irked Derek, and brought the men to many a disagreement. It wasn’t until the two snuck out for a drink at a local tavern that their friendship truly ended. The two became intoxicated on the local ales, and Randyll started a fight with a young hedge knight named Allen Dagget. Allen bested Randyll easily, telling him to tuck tale and hike back to Horn Hill. When attempting to chastise his friend for starting such a foolish fight, Randyll struck out at Derek with his dagger, and scarred his face. His fostership at Horn Hill would come to a bloody, violent end. He returned home to Foxport

Marriage and Lordship
Derek was married two years after his return form Horn Hill to Lady Leeane Marbrand, in hopes that the union would improve the reputation of House Vos and place their line closer with the Lannister’s of Casterly Rock. Shortly after his marriage, his father was set upon by bandits and mortally wounded. He was returned home by the very Hedge Knight who had bested Randyll Tarly, Allen Dagget. Upon his death bed, Lord Willem gave his son the Valyrian Steel Bastard Sword known as Foxfang, and told him of it’s secret origins. With those words spoken, Derek’s father passed.

Children and family
Father: Willem Vos, Mother: Lylah Vos (formerly of house Butterwell) Step-Mother: Dinah Vos (Formerly of House Selmy)
Brothers (in order of birth) Ser Kyle Vos, Drake Hill, Emily Wylde (Married to Ormund Wylde), Robert Vos (Serves as a Builder on the Wall at Eastwatch by the Sea)
Children (in order of birth)
Eban Hill (born of a common girl from the local hamlet),Ser Eric Vos, Eleri Vos, Emon Vos, Ellah Vos

Derek Vos

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