House Vos


House Stats

Defense: 32
Influence: 34
Lands: 22
Law: 21
Population: 22
Power: 21
Wealth: 44


Defense: Small Castle (Cost: 30) Remainder: 2
Influence: Maximum Status 4
First-Born Son (Cost: 20)
First-Born Daughter (Cost: 10)
Remainder: 4
Land: Hills (Cost: 7)
Coast (Cost: 3)
Hamlet (Cost: 10)
Grassland (Cost: 1)
Stream (Cost: 2)
Remainder: 0
Population: +1 to House Fortunes Roll
Power: Green Garrison (Cost: 3)
Trained Cavalry (Cost: 8)
Green Infantry (Cost: 5)
Trained Archers (Cost: 6)
Wealth: Mine (Cost: 10)
Port (Cost: 10)
Artisan (Cost: 10)
Maester (Cost: 10)
Remainder: 4


Historical Events

House Founding (Decline): Lord Ellis Vos was born a bastard, but he was legitimized when his father and two brothers were killed in a battle (exactly which battle has been debated for years, there is suspicion that house Lannister had a hand in it due to House Castor’s ties to House Casterly). The former house, house Castor (rumored to be a branch of House Casterly), fell. The lands and wealth, and bannerman, however, were passed to Ellis Hill, who took the name Vos and the symbol of the fox.
Invasion/Revolt: Bannermen of House Castor revolt against House Vos, as they see an opportunity to gain those lands, and don’t want to be led by a mere bastard.
Favor: When Andal invasion came to Westerlands, our House were early adopters and given favor by the new regime, this led to the end of the rebellion against House Vos by their previous bannermen (House Hilt and House Yarl).
Infrastructure: During a long period of peace, Foxhole Castle was built.
Treachery: When the Army of Two Kings stood against the Targaryen, House Vos used this time to take over the wealth of Houses Hilt and Yarl, the two houses were destroyed in the battle when Lord Elyas Vos sent the soldiers from these two houses directly at the dragons when unleashed.
Infrastructure: During the War of the Usurper, when the Westerlands stayed out of the direct war, House Vos used this time to shore up their military might and hire an Artisan.

House Vos

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